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The Montigo Spa has something for all who seek respite from urban life. Restore your body’s balance with centuries old therapies, accentuated by the ambient infusion of soothing fragrances and light. Recharge and be holistically revived at the Montigo Spa.

The Facilities

Rest & restfulness assured

The Montigo Spa’s timeless Sumatran huts have had their rich authenticity preserved for over a century. Acquired exclusively for the resort, this rustic cluster adjoins its own stretch of beach. There’re also a steam bath and plunge pools – the latter perfect to lounge, wade or simply cool off in. A revived body also needs some stimulation for the mind, and you’re sure to find it in the spa’s library and reading area.


Spa Promotions

Recharge your body

Most of the Montigo Spa’s restorative treatments are formulated without chemicals on premise. A popular massage, the Central Javanese Lulur scrub uses rice powder, milk, turmeric and ginger. To ensure the natural oils and juices retain their efficacy, ingredients are hand ground minutes before your appointment. Offering personalised experiences, share your preferences with a spa therapist, and we will ensure it’s a visit you’ll long cherish.


Signature Treatments

Herbal Compress massage

Combining the healing effects of traditional Thai massage with a heated herbal compress, this ritual purifies and relaxes aches and pains.

traditional facial

Facials include cleaning, toning, steaming, scrubbing and moisturising. Choose either a traditional traditional facial or a signature Montigo facial.

foot reflexology

A healing touch that relieves pain and eases headaches. Foot reflexology is the application of pressure onto a particular area of the soles believe to be connected to internal organs.

Haircream Bath

Relax and pamper your hair with our new conditioning cream bath treatment. Let us also pamper you with scalp, light hands and shoulder massage, ending off with a serum hair tonic.

firming wrap

The warming effect of this wrap relieves tension and leaves a refreshing feeling after. The therapist will apply a mask on the body containing lemongrass, ginger, galangal, black sesame and fresh milk.

javanese lulur

A traditional massage that combines acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy combined with a traditional Javanese scrub using fresh ingredients such as turmeric, candlenut, jasmine and yogurt.

ginger bath

Boost your energy levels with this detoxifying bath that helps reduce stress and tension levels, allowing you to sleep better. The bath is complimented by a special drink concoction.

Couples spa experience

There’s no better way to spend quality time together than with this most romantic spa treatment.

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