New Adventures!

The team at Montigo Resorts, Nongsa includes spirited pros who delight in perfecting your getaway in every way. Activities include exhilarating aquatic adventures, exciting land explorations, a host of sporting challenges, and even a treasure trove of surprises for youngsters.

Our Favourites

Explore and Experience

Fishing Fun

With rod and gear on hand, enjoy a ride around the island along with local fishermen and a dedicated guide to the best fishing spots.

Mangrove tour

Cruise along the mangroves, a guide will be on hand to point out those not-to-be-missed moments.

Flavoured Shisha

TIIGO Beach Club is the only and first venue that sells this personalised and custom mixes of fruit flavoured tobacco shisha in Batam. Discover new flavours with these edgy designs.

Kampong bike tour

With a Montigo guide, cycle from to nearby Pantai Village to explore a traditional Indonesian ‘kampong’ village. Catch a glimpse of daily life in Batam.

Montigo car

Vintage car tour

Take a romantic ride around Nongsa’s Heritage Village in Montigo’s vintage Volkswagen. Just let us know where you’d like to go, or let our experienced guide surprise you!


Gear up for some action with wake boarding, jet skiing, knee boarding, kayaking, snorkelling or banana boat rides. There's nothing like a splashing adventure. Certified instructors are at hand, should you need them.

A to Z Archery

Ground your feet on the uniform greens of our Event Lawn area and listen to the swooshing sounds of the arrow breaking through the wind and straight to the target.

Airsoft Gun

Experience the thrill of a shooting and participate in our new Airsoft Gun Wargame around the resort. Airsoft is a fast paced live action adventure experience that is sure to get your adrenaline all pumped up.

Yoga Bond

Incorporating fun into your traditional yoga flow, Yoga Bond is perfect for those who wish to bond with their kids or with friends.

Montigo ATV

Fresh & Fast tracks coming your way! Montigo ATV offers you an exciting and different experience during your stay with us. Ride like there's no tomorrow and challenge yourself through our terrains.

Montigo Cabin

Let's go shopping!

Get your retail fix here where our selection includes resort wear, spa gifts, accessories and mementos for all ages. You'll also discover unique handicraft and our signature Montigo Resorts products. Whether your're shopping for yourself or seeking a perfect gift for someone special, be sure to take home a memory from your wanderlust.


Montigo Cabin

  • Snacks
  • Beverages
  • Indonesian Handicraft
  • Resort Wear
  • Toiletries
  • Souvenirs
  • Essential Oils
  • Tilo Signature gifts

Aquatic Adventure

Sea Activities & Water Sports

Amazing aquatic adventures are the hallmark of any internationally-acclaimed seaside resort, and Montigo proudly offers plenty of choices. Opt for a more laid-back excursion such as the mangrove tour or fishing trip. Or gear up for some action with wake boarding, knee boarding, jet skiing, kayaking and snorkelling. Click Here for List of Activities

Certified instructors are at hand, should you need them. Come on in, the water’s calling…

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Sea Activities list

  • Fishing trip
  • Mangrove tour
  • Kayaking
  • Knee boarding
  • Jet ski
Please get in touch with the resort concierge or for rates and schedules.

Sports & Fitness

Facilities near & far

If you’re looking to pack even more into your getaway, explore the resort’s sporting and fitness activities.Tee off at one of the 18-hole golf courses in the vicinity. Batam’s perennial blue skies and sprawling greens offer the perfect setting for a birdie.

Missing a ripple on those biceps? Offering an uninterrupted view of the Nongsa waters, the spacious gym houses some of the latest exercise machines for fitness enthusiasts and novices alike.

You can never get enough of a good thing, especially where yoga’s concerned. Certified instructors will have you twisting to a routine that will keep you fit, for years to come.

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Tilo Kids Club!

Where kids rule

Tilo Kids Club is championed by none other than Tilo, our resort’s lovable chick – and very chic – prince mascot. Tilo is always game to make new friends, so do ensure your little ones have enough time with him! For older kids, there’re swimming, beach volleyball, tennis, arts & craft, and cookie baking. We also have a playground and multiple playrooms for some quiet reading or a game on the PS3, X-Box or Wii.

Parents can entrust our qualified mentors with their children’s care, setting themselves free to explore Montigo Resorts, Nongsa.

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And if that wasn’t enough...

Chef experience

Learn to prepare a menu of Indonesian home-style favourites using herbs you picked and fish you caught.


Pick up that adrenaline level by engaging in a game of paintball with your friends and family.Defence, now attack!

Herbal compress

Learn about various healing herbs, then have a hand at creating your own herbal bouquet. End the session with a herbal back massage.


Prep those lungs for a session of Steve Tyler or shake it off like Taylor Swift. With private Rooms, we’re sure you’ll emerge ready to take on the stage.

Batik painting

This wax resistant method of dyeing fabric is beautiful and fun. Learn the secrets to this unique art form and create your own design to take home.

Private dining

If you’re looking for a bit more privacy, our private dining experience will fit the bill. We will tailor it to exactly how you would like it to be.

Tilo treasure hunt

Embark on a grand adventure as you cross the resort in search of clues and hints. Complete the hunt, return to the starting point and claim your prize!


Restore your body’s balance with centuries old therapies. Recharge and be holistically revived through the Montigo Spa treatments.