Booking My Stay

- How many people does each villa accommodate?

For the optimal and most comfortable Montigo Resorts experience, we encourage our guests to book for 2 to 4 people per villa. We can however, in compliance with local regulations, security and insurance policies, accommodate up to a maximum of 5 guests per villa (ie adults and children 3 years old and above). Though the villa is spacious and gives the impression that it could accommodate more, villas have been designed to provide exceptional experiences to a maximum of 5 persons and most Montigo buggies provide space for this number of guests in addition to the buggy driver..

- My children are young and we don't want to be separated but we’re more than 5 people. Can we stay in one villa?

At Montigo Resorts, we always try to accommodate your every need and make sure that you enjoy your stay with us. If the children are below 3 years of age, we are happy to make an exception. However, if you group has more than 5 people, children included, we are bounded by local restrictions on the number of guests that could stay in one villa. Your safety is our priority.

- What are the rates for the 3rd or 4th guests sharing the same villa?

Additional 3rd and 4th guests incur a S$40.00++ per person per villa per night inclusive of daily set breakfast

- What is the rate for the additional 5th guest sharing the same villa?

The rate for the 5th guest is S$100.00++ per villa per night inclusive of daily set breakfast. The 5th guest will be using the existing sofa either in the master bedroom or upon special request, in the living room. The extra bedding will be set-up prior to your arrival.

- Will there be any charges for the 5th guest if I do not require breakfast or the extra bedding?

We wish to ensure every guest has the best experience at Montigo Resorts, which includes a comfortable night’s sleep and meals at leisure. As a result, the rate for the 5th guest is applicable regardless.

- There will be additional guests joining me but I have already made my booking. How do I make the changes?

Remember, the maximum occupancy is 5 guests per villa. To add more guests to your booking, please send us an email to, to notify us of the changes prior to your arrival. Payment for the additional guest(s) will be reflected on your final bill upon check-out.

Additional 3rd & 4th guest: S$40++ per guest per villa per night 
Additional 5th guest: S$100++ per villa per night

- I want to book for 5 people but your website only allows me to book for 4. What do I do?

As we do not encourage more than 4 guests for the optimal experience, our booking system only allows for 4. If you have a 5th person (adults or children over 3 years of age) joining, please inform us at prior to your arrival. We will make the arrangements and note it on your booking. The charge for the 5th person will be reflected on your final bill upon check-out.

- What is the cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy for our Offers varies depending on the offer. Please refer to the individual Terms & Conditions. For bookings made under the ‘Best Available Rates’, you may cancel by notifying us 72 hours prior to the arrival date, before 14.00hrs Indonesian Time (15.00hrs Singapore Time). For bookings for Singapore Public Holidays, cancellations received within 7 days to the date of arrival will result in one night’s cancellation charge.

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