Things to do in Seminyak, Bali are aplenty! The team at Montigo Resorts, Seminyak includes spirited pros who delight in perfecting your getaway in every way. Activities include exhilarating aquatic adventures, exciting land explorations, a host of sporting challenges, and even a treasure trove of surprises for youngsters.

Island Hopping Adventures

Island Tours

What is a Bali vacation without the island hopping adventures? Fret not, our energetic planners have you covered with the best activities to suit every appetite for adventure.

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Wellness Activities

Yoga Class

Concerntrating on traditional alignment and breathing techniques, our yoga classes are made to connect your mind, body and soul to improve overall wellbeing, willpower and patience. This class is definitely ideal for first-timers and advanced yogis seeking to perfect their practice and available every day at our resort and will lead by our trained yoga instructor. Price IDR 100.000 net/person

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Learn, Escape, Explore

Bali Ocean Walker

Escape into a world of flippers and fins and witness the magical sights of the ocean with our Bali Ocean Walker package or even have the chance to meet the friendly dolphins.

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Fun Activity

Food Carving

Food carving is a delightful way to make food into art, or to make art that tastes good. This one hour private workshop will teach you how to make artistic creations using a variety of fruits and vegetables! Enjoy a therapeutic and rewarding workshop with our master chef to create flowers and animals from food. Price IDR 100.000 net/person

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Montigo Personal Trainer

Montigo Bootcamp is a cardio and strength-building workout session designed to make bodies of all shapes and sizes go further than you ever thought possible. It is as effective as it is fun! Our personal trainer will work with you to assess and design your fitness program at the gym. Price 150.000 net/person/hour

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Cook Like A Local

Cooking Class

Rise and shine as early as 9am to an authentic Balinese Cooking Class with our culinary experts at Montigo Resorts, Seminyak. This experience cannot get any more local as we take you through the life of a common Balinese. Starting from a tour to the local market to source for ingredients to an insightful cooking lesson and finally to an intimate lunch session with the chef.

A cooking certification will be presented to guests who have completed the cooking experience

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World of Magic and Imagination

Tilo Kids Club

Kids age 4 and up will delight at our highly interactive Tilo Kids Club, where young ones are engaged in fun and educational activities. A range of toys board games, video games (Wii, Xbox, PS3), cards and building blocks-along with activities such as arts & crafts, baking, face painting, canvas painting and origami classes creating a world of magic and imagination.

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Ride of Your Life

Quad Bike Adventure

Get a rush of adrenaline in the four quad bikes with professional local guide whilst enjoying the beauty of the countryside in the village of Taro.

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Good Morning Bali Sunrise Trek

Mount Batur Volcano Climb

Starting at the early hours at 2am, we will take you on a journey to the magnificent Mount Batur. With the milder climate of 1200 metres above sea level, embark on a two-hour trek to the top of the 1717 metres high volcano to see the dazzling sunrise.

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Up and Away

Mount Batur Cycling

Cycle to the countryside, away from the hectic pace of city life and admire the beauty of Bali’s mountain, hill and valleys with their emerald green and yellow colour of rice paddies. get the feeling that Julia Roberts has on Eat, Pray, Love.

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The Road Less Travelled

Horse Riding Adventure

Explore the less travelled path of Bali and experience the thrill of a gallop along the beach with our horse-back excursion along Saba Bay over black volcanic sands, with the stark cliffs of Nusa Penida Island and with the great volcano, Mount Agung, in the background.

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Be on Top of the World

Elephant Ride

Enjoy an adventurous ride with a great Sumatran elephant. Get on the broad back of the Elephant and ride through the tropical landscape, catch glimpses of chattering monkeys and colourful bird, and follows the banks of the scenic Ayung River. The elephant will cool off in the wading pool at the end of the trek (don’t worry, we will keep you high and dry!) before delivering you to the restaurant overlooking the stunning valley scenery.

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Wildlife Adventures

Bali Safari & Marine Park Tour

Enjoy the best safari experience in Bali and get to know hundreds of amazing animals including some rare and endangered species. It will be a fun and educative experience for the whole family.

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